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Welcome to American Flyer Trains.com, All Aboard!

Presenting for sale by David S. Blum


  • Original American Flyer Trains, track and accessories by A.C. Gilbert
  • American Flyer Trains by Fundimensions and Lionel
  • American Models Trains
  • S-Helper Trains (search SHS)
  • Pikesville Models
  • MTH S Gauge Trains
  • M2 Machines 1/64 cars and trucks
  • Books, Various - Railfan, Railroad, Rapid Transit, Traction, Model Railroading
  • HESS cars and trucks


  • Includes 4 cars. MANHATTAN BREWERY (Al Capone's company), number 9900 or 9917; BALTIMORE AMERICAN BOCK number 21244 or 21208; PFAFF number 2110 or 2118; SCHMIDT'S number 48324 or 48219
  • If you desire specific numbers from above, you must e-mail or text the numbers desired immediately after the order is placed.
  • Just type MADNESS in the search box and click on search
  • To See pictures of the individual cars, type PIKESVILLE into the search box and click on search.

One can type the digits after the hyphen into the search box to call up an individual item, or all the SPECIAL items remaining can be called up by typing Oktoberfest into the search box. When the listed items are gone. Opps, too late

the American Flyer catalog (starting at page 82 of the signature catalog) is available on line at www.lionel.com

    • new items on sale. Delivery expected by 12/27
  • Wood chip Hoppers. to see these, type wood AND chip into the search box and hit enter. (AND must be in capitals)
  • Insulated box cars. to see these, type Insulated AND box into the search box and hit enter. (AND must be in capitals)
  • Order by phone or e-mail by 8/14/2021 and pay by cash or check and receive 15% off of MSRP. Shipping will be handled when the items are shipped (expected in the 4th quarter


  • NIB = new in box
  • NIW = new in wrapper
  • AM = American Models

Recently acquired items


  • BOOKS Starting 5/27/2019, I will be adding books for sale to the MEDIA section. I have acquired several hundred, so this will take some time. (NIW refers to the book being new and enclosed in its original plastic wrapper.
  • 6-49626 Circus Set $400

If you experience difficulties with your purchase, please call me at 443-834-2871, and I will take your order via phone.



I wish to thank everyone for a successful TCA meet this last April. See you this fall in the ORANGE HALL, space JJ01


January 2025

  • 4-5 Monroeville PA Expo center
  • 11-12 Columbus Ohio, Ohio Expo center and Fairgrounds
  • 18-19 Novi Michigan Suburban Collection Showplace
  • 25-26

February 2025

  • 1-2 Great Scale Show Timonium Maryland, Timonium fairgrounds/cow palace
  • 8-9
  • 15-16 Mad City train Show Madison Wisconsin

March 2024

  • 7-8
  • 14-15 RAILFEST, Lakeland OHIO
  • 21-22
  • 30--

April 2024

  • 5-6
  • 12-13
  • 23-26 TCA Meet York Fair Grounds, Pa ORANGE HALL space JJ01

May 2025

  • 16-17 Spring Spree Columbus area see NASG site for info

June 2024

  • 20-22

August 2024

  • 3-4 Monroeville PA, Monroeville Convention center, 209 Mall Blvd.

September 2024

October 2024

  • 5-6
  • 12-13
  • 23-26 TCA York Fair Grounds ORANGE HALL, space JJ01 and YES, the show will open THURSDAY at noon

November 2023

  • 2-3 Greenberg Train show Monroeville PA Monroeville convention center 209 Mall BLVD
  • 9-10
  • 15-16
  • 23-24
  • 28 Happy Turkey Day

December 2023

  • 2-3 Greenberg Train Show Timonium, MD (Timonium Fair Grounds)
  • 10-11
  • 17-18
  • 24-25 Time to play with your new and vintage trains (Happy Holidays)

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